The Future of Escorts and Sex Workers in Scotland

The Future of Escorts and Sex Workers in Scotland The Future of Escorts and Sex Workers in Scotland

The Scottish Government has launched an inquiry into the future of escorts and sexworkers. Both sides of the debate have given their views. Those in favour of decriminalising prostitution include the Nordic Model Now and Scottish Women’s Aid, while those who are against it include Scot-Pep and Umbrella Lane.

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In addition to the legal framework for escorts there are a myriad of other factors to be considered. Scotland’s government must be able to safeguard the rights of its citizens, while reducing the negative impact of prostitution on the local community. If a conviction for criminality is made then it must be approved by legislation from the Scottish Parliament. There are two main areas of prostitution legislation in Scotland. The first is to stop the use of prostitution and violence against sexual workers. The second is to change public attitudes.

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Prostitution in Scotland has a mixed past. Numerous cities have seen prostitution. Some cities are home to street prostitutes, but the amount of street workers who are women has been declining in recent years. Women often organize meetings via phones and social media. Over the past three years, GCSS alone has worked with 450 Glasgow women. In the year that ended police figures suggest there were 898 prostitutes in the indoor market. Scot-Pep estimates that the indoor prostitution industry in Edinburgh is less populated with 700 employees.

Roseanne McLean has been in various roles across Scotland’s sex industry. Her history includes working in a Glasgow brothel and on the streets of Glasgow. Her 53 convictions include persistent solicitation, running a brothel, and other criminal acts. She has spent the past two decades working in the sex business.