Importance of using protection with an escort

Importance of using protection with an escort Importance of using protection with an escort

The importance of using protection with an escort, is because without there is the risk of pregnancy or catching a STD or STI. These stand for sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections. The best protection to use to prevent any of these are condoms. Condoms are proved to be effective at reducing the transmission of Aids, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, genital herpes and even cervical cancer. Six billion condoms are sold each year to escorts of which Birmingham escorts are included! They are on the World health organisation´s list of what is considered to be essential medicines for escorts.  

When escorts and clients have appointments together, they are usually unaware of each other’s sexual history or partners. It’s fair to say, escorts have seen many other clients previously. And clients have most likely visited many other escorts previously. As with any male or female, it is always safer to use protection when having sex.  

Statistically, it is safer to have sex with an escort than it is to have a one-night stand. Because escorts are aware and conscious of sexual health, they visit S.T.D clinics more frequently. Even if they have no symptoms and have always used protection. In the escort industry it is better to be safe than sorry. Do not ever ask an escort to have sex without protection, because you will be asked to leave. Likewise, never have sex with an escort who offers unprotected sex. She will not be a professional escort! And remember, if she offers you sex without a condom, its likely she has offered someone lese it. It’s a risk of transmitting sexual diseases. That really isn’t worth the risk!  

A client must ask himself if he really want a baby with a stranger?! Because sex without protection with an escort is a possible consequence! And there is a possibility she would decide not to terminate the pregnancy. Either because of moral reasons, or she would trap the client into paying child costs until the child is 18 years old. An escort who is irresponsible enough to have sex without a condom, is devious enough to do this “baby trap” to a client. So, the importance of using protection with an escort is there will be no unwanted pregnancies, that you can do nothing about but to support her.