Identifying common STD’s

Identifying common STD’s Identifying common STD’s

There are many STD’s out there to watch out for. Many of which, symptoms of are very rare. If you are one of the few who do develop symptoms of a common STD. You can discover which STD you have here on our website. Do not worry, most STD’s are easily treatable with the correct medicine and will not take long to disappear! Instead of sex with questionable partners, you should see Birmingham escorts for a safe and clean experience.

FACT: You do not have to have sex to get an STD. They can be passed on through oral sex, contact with the infected area and others can be passed on through blood and saliva.

HPV or Genital warts: 

This is one of the common STD’s which can be passed through skin to skin contact and not just sex. There are different types, most of which are just harmless warts. However, others can lead to anal or cervical cancer. The good news is, you can receive a vaccine which protects you against some of the more dangerous strains. 


Identifying this common STD is rather simple. If your pubic region is suffering from intense itching, tiny eggs or little lice crawling around down there. Then… you have crabs my friend. But don’t worry, some over the counter lotion will clear them right up! 


Chlamydia is an extremely common STD. However, one which can lead to infertility if left untreated. It is often left unnoticed by the carriers, due to the fact that there are little to no symptoms whatsoever. 

The good news is however, it can be treated simple with antibiotics! 


Gonorrhea can be treated easily. However, if left untreated, can result in some serious medical complications. Due to the fact that it can increase your risk of getting HIV and increase the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease. Which in turn, can also lead to never being able to have children due to infertility. Anyone who has had vaginal, anal or oral sex could potentially be at risk of Gonorrhea.