November 6th , 2015      by: Pop Rivers
Crappie:  Fair to Good, depending on location and wind.  The best fishing for crappie is on the Coosa,
               Little River, and Chattooga river ledges in 10 to 15 ft. of water; early morning and afternoons.
               Minnows and jigs are catching fish in deep brush piles, stumps, and trees on ledges.  Water temp is still
               in low 70's, but should drop this week with lows in the 40's at night.  Some crappie are being caught shooting
               deep docks now with small jigs & plastics; but will be better when water temp gets into the 60's and 50's. 
Bass:      Good.  Shad are bunching up and moving into creeks and bays; and the bass are moving with them.
               Fall pattern starting to develop.  Spinnerbaits, jigs, plastics are best now.
Catfish:   Good, find them and you can catch them with cut bait, shad, worms, and stink baits.  Jug fishermen are
               catching some good catfish.  A lot of 3 to 7 lb fish are being caught; and cooler water will help.
The fall patterns are almost here.  Time to re-spool with new line, oil the reels, and get on the lake for some good fishing
and nice weather.  Most skiers and wave runners are done for the year, and most anglers are happy with that.
Call and book your rooms at Weiss Lake Lodge now;  at 256-927-1501.  "  Home of the Big Fish "
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